Shergold History

1982 - 1990 - Lean Times

During this time Shergold officially wasn't making guitars, however a number were built as custom orders, usually using remainder parts, so are difficult to tell from their predecessors, though the use of laminate construction (maple, mahogany and ash) is more common in this era. 
Serial numbers are usually stamped on a metal plate fixed to the back of the headstock, or are stamped into the wood in truss rod adjuster slot. Different numbers are sometimes found between the plate and wood-stamped numbers in this period as guitars were assembled using necks made in batches.
While they weren't making guitars, Shergold fell back on the less fickle general woodworking market and are known to have built various runs of custom built furniture including hifi units and trading desks.

  Guitar production took a backseat to other woodworking projects under the Shergold name in the 1980’s. Barnes & Mullins Ltd. continued to distribute Shergold Guitars up until 1986.
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