Shergold History

1968 - 1974 - The Beginning

Most production in this period was of guitars under other company names, in particular the Dallas music company with its "Hayman" brand. Many of these models would later evolve into true Shergold models, most obviously the Hayman Modular becoming the Shergold Modulator and the 4040 bass becoming the Marathon. When the Dallas company folded, the Hayman line died with it.

Other notable models of this era are Jim Burns designed guitars under the "Ormston" name, following the Baldwin buyout of Burns, "B&M" brand guitars for UK wholesaler Barnes And Mullins (who were also the UK distributor of Shergolds), and the Rosetti "Triumph".

From later in this period, other branded models appear under the "Ned Callan" name between 1971 and 1975, and in 1974 the Burns UK range featured models built with Shergold provided woodwork.

 The 49’ers – Jack Golder & Norman Holder. Hayman Guitars advert – 1971.Shaftesbury Ned Callans ‘Cody’ – 1974. Original Shergold guitars awaiting strings & final checks.
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