Shergold FAQs

Q. Are Shergold guitars the same as they were in the 1970s?
A. No. We have completely re-engineered and redesigned them.

Q. Where are Shergold guitars made?  
A. They are made in our workshops in Indonesia by skilled guitar builders.

Q. How much has Patrick Eggle really been involved?
A. From the very beginning. Patrick took a blank sheet of paper and an original Shergold guitar and did what he does best: Create an awesome guitar.

Q. Is Shergold anything to do with Faith acoustic guitars?
A. Both Shergold and Faith are designed by Patrick Eggle, and they are made in separate parts of the same (now expanded) workshops in Indonesia. 

Q. Do you source your wood responsibly?
A. Yes we do. The Mahogany wood for the bodies is from FSC certified sources in Indonesia. The Rosewood is also from Indonesia, from certified and government approved sources.

Q. Do you employ ethical working practises?
A. We certainly do. Shergold guitars come from one specific workshop who we have known and worked with for many years. The workshops are run by an Indonesian family who employ woodworking graduates and offer training for many others. The craftsmen work from 8 to 5pm, 5 days per week. Everyone gets a lunch break, annual holidays and pension provision. 

Q. Will you make Shergold basses?
A. Give us time! We’ll get there.

Q. What sort of music are Shergold guitars made for?
A. That’s up to you. There are three pickup configurations available at launch all using proper USA Seymour Duncans. So you can go for double humbucker power, single coil twang and P90 style crunch.

Q. Can I be an endorsed Shergold artist?
A. Maybe. Drop us a line thru the contact form and give us your pitch. We’re always looking for exciting artists who choose differently.